Alumni Adventure


STN Sweden Presents, the first Alumni Adventure

March 29th -April 1st 2018.

This will be a weekend where YOU can come help celebrate the GRAND opening of STN in SÄRNA, SWEDEN!

The Alumni Adventure will be full of our organizations 2018 theme of “Taking More Risks”, especially for those of you signing up for the adventure package!

This is open to anyone who has been apart of STN, in any form.

ADVENTURE PACKAGE: This is for you who love snow sports and the outdoors. Includes: Snowmobiling, dog sledding and ski pass. Does not include rental of gear.

STANDARD PACKAGE: This is for those of you that may not have as much of an interest in the winter activities but are more so interested in just being apart of the reunion. Skiing is still included in the package.

*If you need to rent gear directly and she will help you get a good price on rental.

*Kids under 2 years of age are free

*Families please contact Josefine at for special pricing.

Both packages include housing as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner!
 Package Prices
  1. Standard package – 2600kr per person

Excited to see you all!