Surfers Leadership School SLS

Surfers Leadership School Sweden

The Surfers Leadership School (SLS) is our most intense program. It runs for three months and is designed to equip new staff members as they enter into their 15-month commitment to serve at Surfing The Nations Sweden. Students undergo rigorous evaluations, lessons and outdoors activities in order to discover their unique strengths of leadership, develop their character, improve teamwork, and learn to impact their community most effectively. The program includes class discussions, guest speakers, student-led events, adventure training and trips, homework, community service projects and an in-depth, hands-on experience of all of STN Sweden’s ongoing work. As a SLS student you will be a intricate part of pioneering and establishing STN Sweden’s new base.

Prerequisite requirements

  • Graduate from the STN Internship
  • Minimum 15-month commitment with Surfing The Nations

This program will be in English.

Application fee: 500 SEK
3-month SLS Program:$30.000 SEK*
Staff Fee: 1,500 SEK/month (payments start after graduating from SLS)

*Prerequisite for SLS is to graduate from the Internship Program.

*Non-refundable deposit of 7.000 SEK due within 14 days upon receipt of acceptance letter to confirm your spot; remaining 23.000 SEK due before arrival.
(Please note: All prices in Swedish Kroner and Prices are subject to change)

Suggested Monthly Personal Spending Money: 5.000 SEK