impacts local and international communities through the sport of surfing and selfless service by meeting needs and changing lives.


We are Surfing The Nations, a non-profit, humanitarian organization, run entirely by volunteers, based in Wahiawa, Hawaii, who live by the motto of “Surfers Giving Back.”

Our desire is to see lives changed inside and outside of our organization, locally and internationally. We are a community made up of people who believe in using their talents and passions – from surfing to snowboarding and beyond – to give back and bring the message of love and hope. We believe our volunteershave a unique call on their lives: to GO! To get out of their comfort zones and use their thirst for adventure to bring them to the places of the world that are in need. We aim to transform surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboard and other actions sports from self-seeking sports to a common ground on which friendships all over the world can be built.


Swedes have had a long term relationship with STN dating back to its founding days in Kalihi, Hawaii. It wasn’t until hundreds of Swedish volunteers and 13 years later that STN Sweden was formed by the master mind Erik Josefsson. Erik and a select few started recruiting, serving at local sports events and collaborating with Hawaii to develop an organic and intentional place for returning Swedes to continue serving and giving back to the colder climates of Scandinavia.  
In late 2012 Stefan & Christy Eriksson relocate from STN Hawaii back to Sweden to help with STN Sweden and continue to the great works from Josefsson and crew. 
Five years later, at the end of 2017 the Eriksson’s took the risk to relocate STN the start of the northern region of Sweden to the small town of Sarna. It is here that they call  it the “Gateway to the mountain world” or others dub as one of the coldest areas of Sweden that a new form of STN is launching. With much anticipation they are thrilled to introduce several new ideas and programs to further enhance the STN brand while still coinciding with STN’s values. 2018 will focus heavily on developing the new STN Sweden facility, launching multiple training programs, community outreaches and help solidify the multiplication of STN’s global presence. 


STN Sweden Executive Directors Stefan & Christy Eriksson have been veterans in the nonprofit field for 20 years. Stefan is a native to Sweden. He has a laid back countenance but is an allstar at whatever he does. He enjoys fishing, mountain biking, snowboarding and building anything from bikes to homes. Stefan was one of the forerunners of the Swedish movement when STN Hawaii was forming. He joined STN in 1999 and has served with organization since helping lead programs & teams to some of the most hardcore and exotic locations on the planet. 
Christy has long term ties to STN from her parents, Tom & Cindy Bauer who founded & pioneered the organization. Christy has spent about ten years on staff working with STN’s media & community businesses, Surfers Coffee & The Vintage Hawaii. She enjoys design, traveling and her lovely family.
With Stefan’s background as a professional carpenter and Christy’s as a professional photographer they’ve got the ability to capture a vision and build it! This is not just another job for them, it’s their lifestyle and they look forward to making the “STN experience” the very best it can be for all their volunteers, staff members, and families. They are committed to growing STN’s proud 20 year tradition of “Surfers Giving Back”


The concept of integrating surfing and humanitarian work began way back in the early surf era with founder Tom Bauer. As a young boy who loved surfing, he found himself caught in the characterization of the surf culture as one marked by drugs, partying and self-centeredness. After fully grasping the concept that surfing and giving back can actually go hand-in-hand, Tom committed his life to mobilizing surfers to serve and to be leaders of positive change in communities both locally and internationally. Surfing The Nations was born!

In 1997, the organization was at a grassroots level in Kalihi Valley, Honolulu. Many of the programs and outreaches which are today impacting hundreds began with just the faithful few. STN grew and expanded and by 2008 desperately needed permanent headquarters. At this time there were no prospects of housing in the Honolulu area but against all odds the search continued, and a property in Wahiawa, with an old neighborhood bar and a 15-unit apartment building, finally opened up. Thus began the acquisition of the Wahiawa property, the new headquarters of Surfing The Nations and a new chapter in its history. STN staff and interns moved into the apartments and the “Bar” has now become the Surfers Coffee Bar. Subsequently through a series of unforeseen events, STN has acquired three additional properties that include an ex-porn shop, an old convenience and liquor store, and a former exotic dancers’ strip club!

Surfing The Nations is committed to making a difference in Wahiawa and is excited to work with the youth and families of the neighborhood. Many said we were crazy to move to Ohai Street (the address of the apartment building) as the area is known for drug abuse, alcohol, violence and the sex industry; but to bring about change you must be willing to live where change is needed. As STN rewrites the history of “lower” Wahiawa by bringing transformation to buildings and reputations, the goal is to see the lives of those within STN and those in our neighborhood propelled into a destiny free from the traps of alcohol and drug abuse, free from addiction and darkness, ready to engage the world and be someone who lives to “give back”.

The founders of STN

Tom and Cindy have been committed to STN the last 20 years. It started out as a simple idea of “Surfers Giving back” around the kitchen table. With their desire to see all ages live inspiring and adventurous lives a movement started. STN has grown organically over the last 20 years.  They continue to equip the next generation to pursue a radical lifestyle of selfless service and meeting needs in communities globally. 

From humble beginnings to now running an award winning organization their desire is to see transformation happen on every continent.

“Go Big” – Tom & Cindy Bauer

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